Pure Sniper Mod APK (500234) 2024 – Unlimited Weapons

Pure Sniper Mod APK
 App NamePure Sniper Mod APK
Latest Version500234
Updated onMar 27, 2024
Requirements5.1 and up
Size151 MB
Mod infoUnlimited Weapons
Google PlaystoreCrunchapk
  1. All Mission Unlocked
  2. God Mode
  3. Free to play
  4. Free Upgrades

Shooting games are one of the most popular games and are loved by many players. Today we are introducing you to a famous shooting game called Pure Sniper Mod APK. It is a hardcore shooting game that offers various shooting modes to the players. This one is the modded version of the game which has everything unlocked for you. To know more about this game, keep up with us!!!

Pure Sniper Mod APK Latest Version

Pure Sniper MOD APK – Gameplay

Pure Sniper MOD APK has simple gameplay. You need to take part in sniper duels to test your shooting skills. In the duals, you are supposed to apply multiple strategies to defeat the opponents. All the shootings would take place in the open world. All the players need to do is find the opponents and shoot them down before they shoot the player. For shooting, this game provides you with a variety of weapons such as guns, pistols, grenades, and many other enthralling shooting weapons.

General Features of Pure Sniper Mod APK

 FPS Shooting Game:

This is a first-person shooting game in which you only need to focus on shooting. In this game, you have to test the accuracy of your shooting. Moreover, you are supposed to sharpen various shooting skills. Apart from that, this game also offers slow-motion effects through which you can enjoy the shooting experience.

2D Graphics:

Pure Sniper MOD APK has outstanding 2D graphics. They are vivid and vibrant which makes the game look outstanding. Due to them, it looks like you are present in the real warzone. Therefore, players enjoy a lot while playing this game. Shadow Fight 2 Titan Mod APK is one of the most popular action game you try it.

pure sniper mod apk unlimited energy

Multiple Opponents:

Unlike the other games, this game does not have opponents only in one form, rather they are present in multiple forms such as vehicles, buildings, soldiers, civilians, and many more. You need to shoot down all of them.

Modded Features of Pure Sniper Mod APK

Free to play:

The original version of this game is not free. Many premium features are locked. You need to buy a subscription for using various features in the game. However, this modded version is free of cost. It provides you with unlimited everything without buying a subscription.

All Mission Unlocked:

This game contains 400+ missions with different enemy types for every mission. Therefore, there is a sequence to play all the levels of this game. But many players are eager to play the difficult missions that are not included at the start. Therefore, Pure Sniper MOD APK has unlocked all the missions for you. Now you can directly start any mission of your choice.

Free Upgrades:

As it is a shooting game, you need to update weapons including guns, pistols, snipers, and other weapons constantly. This requires in-game currencies including money and gems. However, this modded version does not ask for any in-game currency and automatically updates your weapons and other items. The best part is that these updates are constant, and they will not stop. Hence, it makes the game easy for the players.

God Mode:

This game also offers god mode. It is a special mode in which you have ultimate powers, hence you are an in-game god. You would be bulletproof, and your enemy can not kill you. Moreover, your power and strength would be more. With the help of this mode, you can defeat all your enemies without any problem.

pure sniper mod apk unlimited money and gold

Unlimited Weapons:

The shooter’s fight needs many weapons such as guns, snipers, rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, and many more. You would start with the basic weapons and then go ahead with the difficult ones because they are unlocked one by one. However, many players want to use all of them without putting in any effort. Therefore, this modded version has unlocked all the weapons for you. Now you can use any weapon at any level.

My Review or Personal Experience

Although there are many shooting games that we can play, Pure Sniper Mod APK is my first choice. The reason behind it is that it lets you focus on the shooting without restricting you to follow a strict storyline in every mode. Moreover, I am in love with all the modded features it provides. The graphics, the weapons, the sound quality, everything is amazing. I will give this game a big thumbs up. It is recommended from my side to all hardcore shooting lovers.


This game can be played in six different modes.

  • One is called the main campaign mode. It is marked by completing multiple missions by shooting different targets including the enemies, the cars, the buildings, and many more items.
  • The second is gun range competition in which you need to shoot the target from multiple distance ranges.
  • The third is Hostage Rescue in which you need to rescue the hostages from the enemies.
  • The fourth one is helping police mode in which you would help police to catch criminals.
  • The fifth is manhunt mode in which you need to hunt for the wanted people.
  • The sixth is the helicopter assault in which you need to take off the helicopter of the terrorists.

Yes, this is a multiplayer game. It allows you to form clans with your friends and family members and fight with enemies.

Yes, this game is available offline as well as online. When you do not have a good internet connection, you can play it in offline mode. The only disadvantage is that you would not be able to play in multiplayer mode. Rather, it provides you with in-built enemies to play with.


Pure Sniper Mod APK is one of the most competent FPS shooting games available nowadays. It has many modded features that can take your gameplay to the next level. Do not wait any more, download this game right now on your android and iOS-based devices and get lost in ultimate shooting!

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