Dragon Battle Mod APK v13.77 (Unlimited Money/No Ads) – 2023

Dragon Battle Mod APK
 App NameDragon Battle Mod APK
Latest Version13.77
Updated onOct 30, 2023
DeveloperTap Pocket
Requirements4.4 and up
Mod infoNo-Ads
Google PlaystoreCrunchapk
  • Unlimited Money
  • No-Ads
  • Get the Best Dragon:
dragon battle mod apk latest version

As the title suggests, Dragon Battle MOD APK is about collecting an army of dragons and training them to protect the kingdom from the neighboring kingdoms. In the army of dragons, each dragon has its unique ability of fighting which will be polished by the trainer i.e., the player. The game is about how the player cares for the dragons, makes homes for them, and makes them cross-breed which will result in the making of new unique species of dragons.

The player has to not only train the dragons to make them stronger for fights but also grow food for them on the lands so that the dragons would be fed regularly. The player can also upgrade the dragons making them more powerful.

The game is an android game published by Tap Pocket. The developer has given the game really good graphics making the game look realistic and cute at the same time. The player will be the leader of the dragons and his main task will be to train the dragons to do their best on the battlefield. So, if you are a dragon lover, play this game!

Dragon Battle Mod APK – Overview

As mentioned above the game is about collecting and training dragons but, in the mod, apk version, there is unlimited money which means the player can have any dragons anytime without the worry of having money or not.

The game is also already fully upgraded. Usually in the game, the player has to collect money to get new species of dragons, to unlock new lands but in the modified version provided on our website, all lands are already unlocked for players to get a better gaming experience.

dragon battle no ads

Moreover, In the modified version the player collects many different species and powerful dragons which is not possible in the normal version of the game. The modified version not only has upgraded levels, and free dragons but also is ads free.

It also has unlimited coins, unlimited resources, outstanding graphics, free cultural lands, and much more. These features can only be availed if the player downloads the mod apk version from our website for free.

General Features of Dragon Battle APK

As mentioned above the game has many features to keep the players entertained. Some of the prominent ones are as follows:

Good Graphics:

The developer has given the game some very good graphics. These graphics make the game look very realistic. The gamer feels like being in a world of cute dragons. Dragon battle MOD APK also has good music and vocals for the player to enjoy.

Big Dragon Farm:

The main task for the player in dragon battle MOD APK is to expand his dragon farm and train them. The player has to expand the dragon farm as much as possible so that the dragons get plenty of space to train for the battle. Try multiple formations and seek which one is best for you in the battlefield.

Build Your Army:

In the game, as the player builds his dragon farm, the player has to get multiple dragons and train them. While training the dragons, the player polishes the skills of the dragons for the battles. Each dragon has been given unique power to fight. Also Try Dino World Mod APK

dragon battle mod apk unlimited coins and gems

Mod APK Features of Dragon Battle APK

Unlimited Money:

The modified version has unlimited money in it which makes access to different species of dragons quite easy for the player to avail anytime in the game. These free species of dragons cannot be attained in the other versions as the player needs to collect money first. With this unlimited money, the players can also buy land for making food for their dragon army.

No Ads

The best feature of the modified version is that the player can keep playing the game without watching any unnecessary ads. While playing the original version, the player has to watch advertisements to collect money and upgrade the game. In the modded version of the game, you have already access to unlimited money, no ads and a fully upgraded game.

Get the Best Dragon:

In Dragon Battle MOD APK the player has to get the best species of dragons and train them in the dragon field. The more you train them, the perfect they become on the battlefield. There are also multiple species of dragons, but these dragons can be easily availed in the modified version of the game. In the original version, the player has to collect money and then buy different types of dragons with different powers.

dragon battle mod apk unlimited money

Best Player:

The best player in the game in one trains the dragon the best and wins the battle. As the player trains the dragon, the player sees their best moves and then uses them in the battle. The player should try several formations of dragons and choose the best one with the most powerful skill.

Cross Breeding:

This is one of the most interesting features in the game where the player can cross-breed any two types of dragons and create a new species. Among these new species, the player has to identify their power and skills to polish them and use them on the battlefield. Hence, the player can make new species of dragons in the game to expand their army.


Dragon Battle MOD APK is for all age types to be enjoyed. The game is not only about training the dragons about cultivating farms for their food but also about expanding the field for their training and cross-breeding to make new species.

In this mod apk version, there is unlimited money and unlimited resources which can be easily used by the player. The levels are already upgraded for the player to enjoy. Hence, Dragon battle MOD APK is a popular game with millions of downloads. So, train your dragon, make them powerful and fight in the unlocked levels.

dragon battle modded

FAQs About Dragon Battle Mod APK

Yes, the game can be played offline. So, the player can enjoy the game any time anywhere without worrying about the internet connection of internet.

Yes, the game is safe to download from our website. The game is free from all kinds of viruses and bugs.

No, downloading the modified version from our website will not cost you even a single penny.

Yes, the game has no violence in it. It is safe for kids to play but preferably for 7+years.

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My Review

In my point of view, this game is a wonderful game to show your skills in not only training the dragons but also making farms, expanding the field of training, making new species of dragons and much more. But this modified feature has much more to give to the players such as excellent graphics, unlimited money, unlimited resources, upgraded levels and so much more. Tap Pocket has made the game Dragon battle to entertain the players with interesting dragons with unique powers.

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