Dragon City Mod APK (v23.14.1) – Unlimited Gems/Food

Dragon City Mod APK
 App NameDragon City Mod APK
Latest Version23.14.1
Updated onDec 12, 2023
DeveloperSocial Point
Requires Android5.0 and up
Mod infoUnlimited Gems/Food
Google PlaystoreCrunchapk
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Food
dragon city mod apk latest version

Many of us are madly in love with dragons and are always looking for fun yet engaging games to fulfill our satisfaction. Social Point has taken this universal love for dragons into consideration and blessed us with a masterpiece game called Dragon City Mod Apk.

This game not only allows you to choose your favorite dragon breed but to care for it in such an intimate way you would care for your pet. In Dragon City, you get to play with the dragon, set up its living environment, keep checks on its feeding schedule and provide it with the best diet you can possibly get. This is the perfect combo between a simulation game and an action game. As you can also train your dragon regularly and try new techniques that it can perform during battle.

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Moreover, you can also plan breeding and more of your favorite dragon wandering around. There are more than 1000 dragon breeds each with their unique set of abilities that can play a significant role in winning battles. You can also travel to different parts of this virtual reality. You can also invite your friends to have an exciting battle with your dragons.

Dragon City Mod APK – Gameplay

Be the master of your own dragon island where you can set things on your own terms. The gameplay of the dragon city apk is very engaging and fun as you get to choose your personal dragon, feed it, breed it, and care for it in different ways. Doing all this will earn you many coins as a reward. You can also train your dragon and make it learn new moves to use in the upcoming battles.

In dragon city, you will need to develop and transform the barren area into a new building and a living habitat for these dragons. As you progress through the game you will get access to more and more dragons which will need a big accommodation.

The main objective of the game is to choose the right dragon as your player as its special abilities will help you tremendously during battles. But besides its natural talent, you will need precise thinking and excellent strategy to gain points.

dragon city mod apk new version

Moreover, the dragon city mod apk has many challenges and games that give an advantage to players to score some rare dragon breeds along with game points. With its engaging gameplay and unique storyline you will surely love this game once you download it.

Modded Features of Dragon City Mod APK

Unlimited Gems

What if I told you that every single purchase you want to make is covered. You won’t need to pay for anything. You would like that, right? The modified version of dragon city is giving you unlimited access to gems through which you can buy anything you want without worrying about money.

Free Access to All Dragons

I can imagine waiting to get your hands on your desired dragon can be frustrating. Worry not, with this exclusive modified version you can get any dragon breed you want without needing to unlock it.

Unlimited Food

Growing dragons need food and that too in bigger quantities as they grow. That means you can get a shortage of food and water supplies. Nopes, not really. You will never get out of food no matter how much you use it. This feature is only available in the modified version of Dragon City Apk.


No one likes to watch annoying ads in between their gaming sessions. Why bear it when you can get rid of it with a swift click? Yes, in the mod version, you can block any ads you want in just seconds.

dragon city mod apk modded

Multiplayer Feature

We all love playing video games with our friends. Dragon City MOD Apk has a multiplayer feature through which you can all compete with your dragons against each other.

Customizable Dragons

Having one skinned dragon can get boring. Add some spice to your play by changing various colors and skins of your dragon. Alternate game Internet Cafe Simulator Mod APK


Dragon City is all about having the best dragon that you can breed, train and feed and participate in big battles.

It is absolutely free to install Dragon City Mod Apk without any hidden charges. There are in-game purchases to make your gaming experience fun.

Yes, Dragon City Apk is available to play without needing an internet connection. Just download it and then you can play it whenever you want. But, you will need an internet connection if you want to play with your friends.

To get more dragons you can try the old school way by breeding two dragons of the best breed to get healthy offspring. You can also earn some rare breeds along the way if you successfully complete your challenges.

Yes, it is safe to download dragon city apk as long as you are doing it from a credible site like ours to avoid any malware.

Personal Experience

A dragon passionate would surely love a great dragon game like dragon city mod apk. You get to mix both interests of dragon and battles together in a challenging way. This game gave me a chance to see and have so many rare dragon breeds under my care. Training and caring for them was amazing.

dragon city mod apk unlimited

Bottom Line

Dragon City Mod Apk is a fun game to experience your passion for dragons. Set up a habitable space for them and develop new buildings around it. Engage in various battles with your dragon or you can invite your friends for a pvp battle. With the modified features, you can make your gaming experience more smooth and exciting. Download Dragon City Mod Apk now.

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