Super City Mod APK v1.23 (2023) – Unlimited Gold/No Ads

Super City Mod APK
 App NameSuper City Mod APK
Latest Version1.23
Updated onDec 24, 2023
RequirementsAndroid 4.1+
Mod infoUnlocked All
Google PlaystoreCrunchapk
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Energy Boosts
  • No Ads
  • Free Upgrades
  • Access to All Buildings
  • All Levels Unlocked

Imagine a city where superheroes are roaming around left and right. Where you can see, walk and talk to them anytime you want. Fascinating right? Now imagine yourself being the mayor of the city, or more like the king. Mini militia mod apk is one of the top trending action game, you must try it.

Super City MOD APK new version

Every king needs a prince, a knight or a superhero to protect, defend and avenge new lands for his kingdom. Running a city is not easy, you will need to be prepared for any kind of situation. Stock up high-quality weapons and have your vehicles ready for transportation in Super City MOD APK.

In the Super City game, you will choose a superhero of your choice, customize it however you want, and make it powerful with different abilities. These powers will come in handy in intense fights.

Through the modded version of the game, you can avail some of the greatest features and excite the gaming experience. There are more than hundred and fifty villains along with a wide collection of superheroes. Focus on making more allies than enemies to have a backup in the game. Upgrade your characters and their powers with the premium character option.

Super City Mod APK–Gameplay

Super City Mod Apk is all about building and managing your city. Consider it your dream place and design it the way you like. Initially, there will be nothing on the land, you will have to plan, manage and set up the city from scratch. You can add everything from schools, hospitals, sea views, mountains, parks, and much more.

The priority should be to build basic infrastructure first and then move forward to luxury buildings. Serving the citizens with the best and on a budget is necessary. The attraction spots will bring in swarms of tourists and contribute economically. Remember running a city, you will come across many challenges from robbery, and heists to natural calamities like earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. With strategic planning, strong superheroes, and upgraded powers, you can successfully cover new lands, run a stable city and expand your kingdom. Be the mastermind of your city and run things your way by installing Super City Mod Apk.

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Modded Features of Super City Mod APK

Unlimited Gold

Want to get a hold of some exclusive buildings and other items? Well, for that you will need a hefty amount of gold which will not be available in the standard game. Bummer, right? Don’t worry with Super City Apk Mod you can get unlimited gold through which you can unlock as many buildings as you want.

Energy Boosts

Like humans, our characters in the game can get tired too. This can ruin our score and lessen the speed. With the energy boost feature in the modded version of the game, you can play as long as you want without running out of energy.

No Ads

Why watch ads when you can easily avoid them? Super City Mod Apk guarantees you an uninterrupted gaming session with no ads, no videos, and nothing to stop you from winning.

Super City MOD APK Unlocked all

Free Upgrades

As the level progresses, there will be many upgrades to superpowers and other abilities. You can also change your layouts and get more advanced units. But, you won’t be able to upgrade these features in the standard game. Only Super City Mod Apk will get you free upgrades on these elements and more.

Access to All Buildings

There is a wide variety of options in terms of buildings and skyscrapers to build from. With all buildings unlocked, you will be able to choose any layout and start building instantly.

All Levels Unlocked

Want to know what the higher levels hold for you? For that, you will need to pass your current level first. But, what if I told you there is a secret way to jump to a higher level regardless of your current score? Super City Apk Mod allows you to play any level you want without any restrictions.

Super City MOD APK vip Unlocked


There will be a new updated version of the mod game available but getting the new version will make you lose all your previous gaming history.

No, Super City Apk Mod is an online game and requires a smooth internet connection to work.

No, Super City Apk Mod is only available for Android devices.

To be able to access all the premium features of Super City Mod Apk you will need to allow third-party sources. This can go wrong anytime if you don’t download it from a trusted site. Otherwise, it is safe to install it from a credible site like ours.

Personal Experience

Playing Super City Apk Mod has been a great experience. As someone who enjoys creating and managing big projects, this game provided me with exactly what I have been looking for. Not only can I develop my dream city, but I can also have my own superhero. How amazing is that? With unlocked levels, I could jump onto higher levels and play at that difficulty level.

The unlimited gold helped me unlock new resources and features to get upgraded elements. With the flash speed features, my tasks were completed in a much shorter time than usual. You can get access to these and many other premium features in the modded version.

Super City MOD APK Unlimited power

Bottom Line

Super City Mod Apk by Social Quantum Ltd is a single player city game. The game has gained quite an immense following with a million downloads with its incredibly easy-to-play interface and a series of exciting levels.

The challenges and battles between the superheroes and villains keep the players hooked till peace returns to the city. With a wide range of customization options and access to unlimited skills featured in the modded version of Super City, playing this game has become addictive. Download Super City Mod APK now.

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