Extra Lives Mod APK (v1.150.64) – Unlimited Lives/Money

Extra Lives Mod APK
 App NameExtra Lives Mod APK
Latest Version1.150.64
Updated onDec 28, 2023
Requires Android4.0+
Mod infoUnlocked All
Google PlaystoreCrunchapk
  • Unlimited Lives
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Ammo
extra lives mod apk unlimited everything

Extra Lives is an exciting game that offers players a chance to experience a world of adventure and excitement. The game is set in a futuristic world where players can explore different planets, battle alien creatures, and complete challenging missions. One of the most notable aspects of this game is its modded features, which offer unique gameplay experiences. These features include unlockable levels, items and unlimited money and lives. If you are also looking for one of these features, then this version is surely going to uplift your gaming experience.

Game Overview

Extra Lives MOD APK is a game developed by Mdickie. It is a retro-style platform in which the player takes the role of a character attempting to survive in a world filled with deadly Zombies. Also try Super City Mod APK

The main goal of the game is to collect as many lives as possible in order to progress through the levels. As the player progresses, they will encounter various enemies and obstacles, which they must avoid or defeat in order to progress.

Extra Lives has a unique art style and sound design, which helps to create a unique atmosphere for the game. The game also features various secrets and Easter eggs for players to discover as they progress. The game is designed to be challenging and rewarding and is suitable for both casual and experienced gamers alike.

General Features of Extra Lives Mod APK

extra lives mod apk unlimited health

Customizable Characters

One of the most appealing features of this game is the ability to customize your character. Players can choose from a wide range of options to create a unique avatar that represents them in the game. They can select their character’s gender, hairstyle, clothing, and even facial features. With this feature at hand, the game becomes more fun.

200+ Characters

Apart from customization, the game also provides the players with 200+ different characters. You have a chance to select your main character from these 200 characters. Each character has their own set of abilities and skills which make them unique from each other. Also, you can customize each character with different personalization traits.

Multiple Modes To Enjoy

You know what’s the most amazing feature of extra lives? It allows you to explore different gaming modes of the game. The game features three different modes having different kinds of gameplay.

The name of the three modes is survival, editor and deathmatch. In survival mode, you have to protect yourself from zombies. Meanwhile, deathmatch modes allow you to play the game with multiple other online players. Talking about editor mode, it allows you to fully customize your gameplay yourself.

extra lives mod apk vip unlocked

Crafting And Resource Management

This game also includes a crafting and resource management system that allows players to collect materials and craft items to aid them in their adventures. Players can gather resources such as minerals, plants, and animal parts, and use them to create weapons, armor, and other useful items. It also encourages creativity and experimentation, as players can discover new recipes and combinations of materials to create unique and powerful items.

Modded Features of Extra Lives Mod APK

Unlimited Lives

One of the main modded features of this game is the ability to have unlimited lives. This means that players can continue playing without any interruptions or having to wait for their lives to refill. This feature not only makes the game more enjoyable but also allows players to focus on improving their skills and completing challenging levels without the fear of losing progress.

Unlimited Money

Another modded feature of this game is that it provides unlimited money. It is used to buy different items in the game. Hence the players do not have to work hard to collect the money. They can choose from a variety of skins, outfits, and accessories to create their unique avatars without worrying about money. It also adds an extra layer of excitement to the game for the players.

Unlimited Ammo

As it is a zombie killing game, you need ammo in large amounts to make yourself fully equipped and ready for every minute. However, the original version of the game provides quite a limited amount of ammo which is not enough to take down all the zombies. Due to this limiting feature, the mod developers have added unlimited ammo in the modded version. Having this feature, zombies won’t last a minute against you. 

My Review

Since childhood, I have been obsessed with non-human creatures, therefore, I am in love with this game. I like the theme of Extra Lives Mod Apk. Moreover, all of its modded features from unlimited lives to customizable characters and unlockable levels, provide a unique and engaging gameplay experience for players. A big shout out to the developers for creating this amazing game!!!


The game provides the players with three different modes. Each mode has a different kind of gameplay, and you can take part in all the modes to get a unique gaming experience each time.

Yes, the mod version is totally safe. We have checked the files with virus detecting software before providing you.

Civilians are the group of players that fight against zombies to save the world from the apocalypse. Protesters are a group of players that believe in retaining the zombies in the world and giving them human blood to make them less savage. As per protesters’ view, it is best to avoid zombies instead of killing them.


Extra Lives Mod APK is an amazing planet and aliens-related exploration and fighting game. It offers a range of exciting modded features that enhance the overall gaming experience. Whether you’re a fan of action-packed adventures or puzzle-solving challenges, this has something for everyone. What are you waiting for? Why not give it a try?

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